Avignon Festivals

Avignon (84 Vaucluse, Provence PACA) is a Festival city with numerous festivals across the year adding to the many other reasons for visiting this Provencal City:

Rendezvous Aux Jardins posterThe Garden Festival (Rendezvous aux Jardins) is a national festival but Avignon always makes a strong showing with a number of intersting and quirky gardens open for visiting: 7 – 9 June 2019 see www.avignon-tourisme.com


Avignon Festival takes place across the city 4 – 23 July 2019 with the main events being held in the magnificent surroundings of the courtyard of the Pope’s Palace (Palais des Papes)

The Avignon Festival is today one of the most important contemporary performing arts events in the world. Like Edinburgh there is also a Fringe Festival (the Off Festival), so the walls of this ancient city area abuzz with music, dance, theatre and performance.

For more info see www.festival-avignon.com

Avignon Jazz Festival linkIn August there is the Avignon Jazz Festival (also known as Tremplin Jazz Festival) 31 July – – 4 August 2019

This is an international jazz Festival featuring acclaimed international musicians and some young up-coming artistes – and some of the concerts are free! see www.tremplinjazzavignon.fr

>Avignon Lumonessences posterThen Avignon is host to a spectacular son-et-lumiêre season Les Luminessences d’Avignon, 12 August – 30 September 2017 in the Palais des Papes every evening at 22.15 in English and in French at 21.15

– “a >sound and light show created by Bruno Seillier with a 35-minute staged show that is original and grandiose, which takes the viewer into a totally different time and space. The Palais des Papes : a historical gem set in all its glory beauty right in the heart of Europe.
The monumental video projection, music and story-telling reveal the history of the building, the city and the region like never before. At the meeting of Europe’s great rivers, in the centre of old Avignon, come and experience an extraordinary 360° journey in time and space. For an unforgettable evening, on a unique and exceptional site : the cour d’Honneur of the Palais des Papes.
Anyone who thinks they know this place should think again.


By High Speed Train TGV to Avignon TGV with Rail Europe

Avignon Festival

A popular and contemporary artistic adventure. Founded in 1947 by Jean Vilar, the Avignon Festival is today one of the most important contemporary performing arts events in the world. Every year in July, Avignon becomes a city-theater, transforming its architectural heritage into various performance venues, majestic or surprising, welcoming tens of thousands of theater-lovers (over 130,000 admissions) of all ages. Its legendary space is the “Cour d’honneur” (main courtyard) of the Popes’ Palace, the heart of outdoor performances, before nearly 2,000 spectators, on summer nights in Provence. The spectators, often on vacation and far from home, spend several days in Avignon and see a few of the 40 or so shows, mostly plays and dance recitals and occasionally concerts or plastic arts events. The Festival successfully brings together a general public and international creation for an original alliance. Avignon is also a state of mind: the city is an open-air forum where festival-goers discuss the shows and share their experiences as as spectators. For a month, everyone can have access to a contemporary and living culture. www.festival-avignon.com

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