A new link in the French Autoroute system has been completed (December 2010) with the A65 Langon – Pau road now linking Bordeaux with the Pyrenees.

Ta65 routehe new route starts east of Bordeaux at a new junction with the A62 – the Autoroute des Deux Mers which links Toulouse and Bordeaux – east of Langon (33 Gironde, Aquitaine) heading 150km due south to connect with the A64 (La Pyrénéen which runs from Toulouse to Biarritz) just west of Pau.

It is claimed that the new road will save nearly an hour on the journey from Bordeaux to Pau, and should certainly be safer than the old roads, which whilst pleasant for dawdling along are less pleasant when heavy vehicles thunder pass.

This will make getting to the wine regions of Jurançon (near Pau), Madiran, Pacherenc-du-Vic Bilh and St Mont much easier.

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