France is well-known for celebrating local food produce, and Fargues Sur Ourbise (47 Lot-et-Garonne, Nouvelle Aquitaine) joins the list of events with its Aparagus Festival (Fête de l’Asperge) on 19 April 2020

Asparagus FestivalJust west of the town of Agen and near the vineyards of Buzet, the town of Fargues Sur Ourbise hosts an annual Festival to celebrate Asparagus with 50+ asparagus producers and diversions including the world championship of Asparagus bunching (bottelage) – i.e trussing the cut stalks into bunches! – and you get the chance to taste the fresh asparagus, or prepared in such dishes as asparagus chutney! or tiramisu with a white asparagus jam!

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Later in April there is another Asparagus Festival at Etauliers (33 Gironde, Nouvelle Aquitaine) near Blaye.
Being a more populous area near the city of Bordeaux this is a bigger festival over 2 days and with music, chef demonstrations and entertainment for children. see