Alsace hosts many Christmas markets – building on its links and traditions with neighbouring Germany. Strasbourg hosts what is probably the biggest and best known

However, given free choice I would probably recommend Colmar, It is smaller than Strasbourg, but that makes it more intimate and atmospheric. It is also a very attractive town with its canals and timbered building – and is in the heart of the Alsace wine region.

Colmar Christmas Market (Haut-Rhin, Grand Est) runs from 22 November – 29 December 2019

The annual Colmar Christmas market is regarded as one of the most unusual French markets with its special character. It takes place in the Old Town at 5 various venues: Petite Venise for children, Place des Dominicains, Place de l’Ancienne Douane, Place Jeanne d’Arc and inside the Koifhus, the old customs house. Nestling in town squares. each with its own special architectural features. each market is a mini-village with its collection of skilled craftsmen from Alsace; and guided visits, wine-tastings, skating rink, an exhibition of traditional toys plus music ….

The magic of Christmas in Colmar, first of all there’s the ambiance of the Old Town, illuminated and decorated like a fairy tale : a historic setting made magical by the Christmas illuminations which, in this festive period, blend harmoniously with the wonderful lighting designed to enhance the town’s heritage, and lay a soothing aura of light over the centre of Colmar.
Town centre which is essentially pedestrian, comprises numerous architectural treasures such as monuments, churches, museums and alleys, built for the most imposing from Middle Age to 19th century. Do not miss to be amazed by the Maison Pfister, the Koïfhus, Unterlinden museum, Little Venice, the House of the Heads and Saint Martin Collegiate church.
The whole town is decorated like a dream to turn the old centre into a veritable open-air theatre where the warm Christmas mood envelops the heart of the town

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